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Monday, 5 November 2018

10 Cheapest Countries To Live In 

You've been contemplating moving for some time. Begin another life in an alternate nation. You have a smidgen of investment funds left yet to what extent will it last? 

Well in the event that you move to the nations on this rundown, they could wind up enduring an extremely lengthy time-frame. 

We're discussing the 10 least expensive nations to live in. How about we investigate.

1. India

For several years in a row, India has been the cheapest country to live in the world. The cost of living is really low with a one bedroom apartment available for almost $100 a month.

2. South Africa

While being one of the most developed nations on the African continent it is quite affordable as well. The country is quite prosperous and so are its citizens, but it has still managed to a very low cost of living

3. Kosovo

If you can afford $324 a month you can live in Kosovo with quite a healthy lifestyle. They have some of the cheapest consumer goods and groceries for your daily needs.

4. Pakistan

Coming in at 4th spot is India’s neighbour Pakistan. However, it should be noted that while it is one of the most affordable nations to live it, it is also quite dangerous for tourists as well. Pakistan has been making amends to rehabilitate its image but there is still a long road ahead.

10 Cheapest Countries To Live In

5. Ukraine

If you’re a fan of Mc Donald’s you might want to think about moving to Ukraine with the country having the cheapest combos anywhere on Earth. If that isn’t a good enough reason, know that the cost of living in Ukraine is 65% less than that of America. It’s a very beautiful country and you’d enjoy living there.

6. Kazhakstan 

You can buy a litre of milk for less than a dollar, a few cents for a loaf of bread, and rent an apartment for less than $200 a month in downtown areas of Kazhakstan. It’s also surprisingly developed unlike most of it’s neighbouring countries and certainly a great option to live on the cheap.

10 Cheapest Countries To Live In

7. Nepal

Nepal used to be higher up on the list in recent years but other nations have just got more purchasing power than Nepal lately. Even moving to the capital city of Kathmandu won’t cost you a lot.

Rent can be as low as $80 for a month for a decent sized 1 bedroom apartment and you’ll have the Himalayas as the backdrop? Need we say more?

8. Zambia

Although the rent in Zambia is slightly higher than many nations on the list, it earns a spot on the list of the cheapest countries to live in because of how affordable everything else is. Apart from rent living costs are among the lowest in Africa.

9. Syria

Another beautiful country on the list is Syria. While the country might be affordable and truly is spectacularly beautiful, it’s also very unsafe with the current political climate. Maybe rebuilding will take away some shine from this affordable nation but for now, it’s in the 9th spot. We don’t recommend you move here just yet.

10. Paraguay

Old Jesuit ruins in Encarnacion, Paraguay

Monthly expenses in this South American nation are barely $350 a month. Groceries, rent, consumer goods are all extremely affordable. The citizens have a high purchasing power and the demand for goods has gone down in recent years.
You don’t always have to spend like a king to live the life of one. There are several nations that afford you the luxury of living a rich life with very little money.

Asuncion Paraguay

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